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The Apellix Pressure wash Drone

Upgrade your cleaning capabilties this financial year!

Washdrones Accredited Cleaning Drone

WashDrones is your local distributor for pressure wash drones within Australia and New Zealand. We partner with established manufacturing companies such as Apellix, to ensure we’re offering the most advanced and capable pressure washing drone in the market. We have a 9 year history working in the drone aviation industry and when it comes to selecting hardware, we have vigorous safety and performance standards they need to meet.

greater Heights

Flying up to 58 meters with soft wash and 36 meters for pressure washing.

Higher pressure

The Apellix heavy lift drone can deploy water from a high pressure pump up to 3,500 psi.

lighter weight

At <14kg this carbon fibre light weight drone makes handling easy and increases the operational ceiling for working heights.

longer flight times

High grade USA-made battery packs that increase cleaning flight times and lengthen battery life.

2 Year warranty

All systems come with an extended 2-year Australian-based warranty.

australasian support

Local support and maintenance services available.


Finance products tailored to the nuances of commercial drone aviation equipment.


Pre-approved insurance options are available for accredited wash drone operators.

USA Wash Drone Manufacturing

USA made 

Apellix has decades of experience in robotics and industrial manufacturing. Safety and innovation is at the heart of the business and everything is designed, engineered and built in the USA.

Wash Drones is the Oceania distributor for the patented and accredited Apellix Power Wash Drone.

Tailored Finance

We have partnerships with finance providers who have created tailored finance plans specifically for wash drone systems and equipment.

Wash Drone Finance

See the apellix wash drone in action

The use of drone technology in the cleaning industry is rapidly growing, and WashDrones is at the forefront of this innovation setting the industry standards. As drone technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more efficient and comprehensive cleaning solutions in the future.

Take Flight with WashDrones Today!

Don’t let those hard-to-reach areas hold you back any longer. WashDrones’ CASA and CAA NZ compliant solutions can help you conquer your cleaning challenges and ensure your building shines from top to bottom. Contact WashDrones today for a free consultation and discover how drone cleaning can revolutionise your maintenance regime and how you clean at heights.


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