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Redefining specialised cleaning, impressing in unique operating environments.

WashDrones is an agnostic solution partner that helps you revolutionise the way you clean specialised elevated structures using wash drone technology.

Capabilities limited only by your imagination.

With amazing manoeuvrability and rapidly advancing washing technology, you can clean in ways never before possible with traditional elevated methods.
Look up and think, could a wash drone clean that?

PERFECT FOR Agricultural applications

Wind Turbines

Enhance wind turbine maintenance with wash drones, enabling secure access to elevated areas and minimising continuous propeller resistance. Transform specialised cleaning for sustainable energy using advanced non-contact technology.

Heritage & Churches

Preserve heritage structures effortlessly with wash drones. Access unreachable areas, enhance safety by removing manual labour, and showcase architectural beauty with innovative, efficient cleaning methods.

Ports & Marine

Transform marine facility maintenance using wash drones. These drones can access remote and difficult-to-reach areas, elevating cleanliness levels and boosting operational efficiency. They offer a crucial safety advantage to port maintenance through cutting-edge cleaning technology.


Transform mining site cleaning with wash drones. Access difficult terrains, increase operational efficiency, and improve safety by eliminating manual cleaning. Drive stakeholder interaction with a state-of-the-art approach to mining infrastructure maintenance.


Elevate aviation infrastructure maintenance with the use of wash drones, ensuring access to elevated areas, improving operational efficiency, and demonstrating a strong dedication to safety and innovation in aviation asset facility cleaning.

See it in action


No more putting lives at risk. Operators stay safely on the ground and concentrate on getting the job done. It’s a no-brainer.


With no scaffolding, ropes, platforms, vertical lift and other traditional equipment to set up, the time savings add up fast.

Washdrones is your partner in drone cleaning technology.

Wash drones delivers access to industry leading partners and provides the equipment, training and certifications for safe elevated commercial cleaning.

Agnostic Advice and consultation

No matter where you’re coming from, if you need to clean at height WashDrones will give you the advice you need to get started and guide you to cleaning success.

training, licensing and certifications

WashDrones provides full training, organises licensing and guides you through certification requirements. You’ll have everything you need to safely and legally operate and follow all regulations.


WashDrones provides you best-in-class certified drone technology and cleaning equipment, as well as our own in-house developed accredited SOPs to go along with them.


Don’t want to do it in-house? WashDrones can assess your needs and connect you with our network of professionals to get the job done right.


You don’t have to break the bank to revolutionise your cleaning. WashDrones will help you connect with our finance partners to get you going fast.


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