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Using Drones for Cleaning Hard to Access Areas

For facility managers and commercial property owners, maintaining the exterior of a building can be a constant battle. Mid-rise and high-rise windows, intricate facades, and nooks and crannies in hard-to-reach places often become neglected due to limitations and the inherent dangers of traditional cleaning methods. Scaffolding takes time to erect, can be disruptive to occupants and rope access isn’t always suitable for all types of structures. It requires specialist skills, and equipment and poses significant safety risks to workers.

But fear not! Cleaning at heights has a whole new face to it with WashDrones making drone cleaning accessible to any businesses, revolutionising the way they clean elevated structures and hard to access areas. WashDrones harnesses the power of CASA and CAA NZ compliant drone technology to provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective ways to tackle those previously inaccessible areas that fall into the to-hard basket.

The Unmatched Reach of WashDrones

Imagine a world where cleaning those impossible-to-reach areas is no longer a logistical nightmare. WashDrones’ agile drones and accredited drone pilots effortlessly navigate tight spaces, scale high buildings, and reach those awkward corners that leave traditional methods stumped.

Here are just a few examples of how WashDrones can accelerate your cleaning game:

Cleaning at heights made easier with drones

Heights Cleaning

Pressure cleaning drones can tackle the cleaning of windows, facades, and roofs on even the tallest structures, eliminating the need for risky scaffolding or rope access.

Drone cleaning solar panels to remove dust and debris.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep your solar panels performing at their finest! Wash drones are like a cleaning robot that can safely clean dust, debris, and grime off your solar panels, ensuring maximum efficiency and energy production. Best of all, cleaning solar panels is done from the ground.

Detailed Cleaning

Tight spaces between buildings or balconies often become havens for dirt, grime and mould. Wash drones navigate these areas with pinpoint precision and high-pressure cleaning that blasts away even the most stubborn stains.

Drone cleaning an awning and sail to remove moss and mold.

Awning and Sail Cleaning

Awnings and sails can be breeding grounds for moss and mould. Wash drones can carefully clean these difficult-to-reach exteriors with low-pressure soft wash technology to keep your public outdoor areas looking their best.

Safety, Speed, and Efficiency: The WashDrones Advantage

WashDrone. prioritises safety by eliminating the need for workers to clamber around on precarious platforms. Additionally, the drones boast built-in safety features like obstacle avoidance and collision detection ensuring a smooth and controlled cleaning process.

Whilst WashDrones. primarily focuses on creating safer ways to clean at heights, it’s also about improving speed and efficiency too. Compared to traditional methods, wash drones can significantly reduce cleaning times, saving you valuable time and resources.

WashDrones: Your Complete Drone Cleaning Solution

WashDrones goes beyond simply selling drone hardware. They offer a comprehensive end to end solution to enable seamless integration of drone cleaning into your operations:

CASA/CAA NZ Compliance

WashDrones guides you through the process of obtaining the necessary licences and accreditation to operate drones for commercial purposes or can provide access to their network of existing operators.

Power Wash Drone Expertise

WashDrones provides a complete drone system, typically including the Apellix B1 Power Wash Drone specifically designed for elevated and exterior cleaning tasks.

Managed Services

WashDrones offers ongoing support packages, including regular drone maintenance, compliance assistance, account management, and flight management software.

Additional Support

WashDrones can assist with drone operator recruitment or contracting, connect you with pre-approved contract cleaning companies, and even integrate with your existing pressure washing equipment and cleaning solutions.

The Future of Cleaning at Heights is Here

The use of drone technology in the cleaning industry is rapidly growing, and WashDrones is at the forefront of this innovation setting the industry standards. As drone technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more efficient and comprehensive cleaning solutions in the future.

Take Flight with WashDrones Today!

Don’t let those hard-to-reach areas hold you back any longer. WashDrones’ CASA and CAA NZ compliant solutions can help you conquer your cleaning challenges and ensure your building shines from top to bottom. Contact WashDrones today for a free consultation and discover how drone cleaning can revolutionise your maintenance regime and how you clean at heights.


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