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Apellix Expands Internationally with Cutting-Edge Drone Technology

Apellix, a leader in industrial and military aerial robotic systems, has announced a major international expansion. Their innovative drone technology is now operational in 12 countries, marking a significant milestone in their global growth. Apellix drones, known for their advanced capabilities in hazardous environments, are transforming industries across these new markets. This expansion underscores Apellix’s […]

How to Become a Wash Drone Cleaning Service Provider

Service Providers & Operators

The heights cleaning industry is experiencing a transformative shift, thanks to the advent of drone technology. For those who thrive in outdoor environments or run existing cleaning businesses, this presents an exciting opportunity to enter a profitable and growing market. Becoming a Wash Drone cleaning service provider can offer a unique edge in this competitive […]

Using Drones for Cleaning Hard to Access Areas

For facility managers and commercial property owners, maintaining the exterior of a building can be a constant battle. Mid-rise and high-rise windows, intricate facades, and nooks and crannies in hard-to-reach places often become neglected due to limitations and the inherent dangers of traditional cleaning methods. Scaffolding takes time to erect, can be disruptive to occupants […]


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